How to Pick Interior Paint Colors

To make a great impact on your interior redesign project, you have to pick the right paint colour. If you have an idea of a colour that would be great for your wall, you have to select fabrics that would coordinate nicely with this paint color.

Purus the paint swatches

Let’s say you are looking for coordinating blue colour, visit the paint store and review the collection of paint colors. Use the loose flags of paint colors and check out the changes in blue on each of the color swatches. You could find about ten to 20 flags of blue, each with different tints. In this case, what do you do?

Compare paint shades

After finding the tint you are looking for, go up and down the shade of the color. This up-and-down shade usually represent the same color family with a darker and lighter version of the color you’ve selected.

Narrow down your paint choices

Buy sample quarts of all three colors as this will help you narrow down your primary selection. Take note of the fact that when you are selecting these colors at the store, you are probably viewing them under a fluorescent light. This is not ideal as your home may have a different bulb temperature. You have to test the colors in the location you are planning to paint.

painter in St. Charles, MO

Credit: Collection of works from a painter in St. Charles, MO

Select your paint finish

You will also need to decide the type of paint finish you want to use, if it is flats, eggshell, stain, semigloss or no or low-VOC environmentally friendly paint. You can use this quick guide.

  1. if the condition of your walls, woodwork or molding is very bad, then you need to lean towards flat paint.
  2. Eggshell or flat finishes of paint usually show little of the drips or irregularities of the old paint layer you are covering with new paint. It is not an exciting type of finish and it is not as durable as glossy finishes.

iii. For old woodwork and doors, satin finish is a good choice. It has good durability and can easily hide irregular drips.

  1. Semigloss paint is great for use in kitchens, bathrooms and on doors. It is durable and cleanable.
  2. Gloss paint is the most durable finish of all. It provides an exciting shine and it draws attention to the molding and doors in contemporary interior. However, it should be used only when surfaces are clean and without drip marks, bumps or other imperfections as its shine will enhance any problem.
  3. Environmentally friendly paints can be found in all of the above finishes. They usually contain no or very low amounts of the volatile organic compounds found in most paints.

Audition your paint colors

Open the three sample quarts of your chosen color and start painting about a 2-foot square on each wall. Test paint at the floor bordering the base molding,  just under the crown molding and in the middle of the wall and near the ceiling. Check out the paint sample patches in the day and in the evening. View at a different distances.

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