remodeling a kitchen

Credit: Tips on remodeling a kitchen

These decorating ideas can help you end up with a sophisticated kitchen, irrespective of whether it is in a high rise or in the suburbs.

Downsize it

A small space can cause you as much efforts as large spaces or even more so, especially when you add storage issue to the typical kitchen challenges of functions and fixtures.

If your kitchen have a small space, you can’t have a kitchen that is a jack-of-all-trades, that is, accommodating mail, schoolwork, laundry, hunting, recipe and cooking duties. Unless you don’t cook at all, the small kitchen’s main purpose is meal preparation. So, make your first focus be the function, ensuring that you have the appliances and work areas needed. Using innovative or scaled down appliances like refrigerator and freezer drawers, pint-sized microwaves, stoves and single sinks can save you a bit of space. You will have function without all the square footage. You can also consider a small-scale island or a counter-topped cart that you can roll away into a closet when not in use, if workspace is at a premium.

Open it up

In order not to feel claustrophobic in your tiny kitchen, get organized and trade the top cupboards for open storage. You can use shelving, magnetic knife, pot racks or spice holders. This will not only make your kitchen look more spacious, it is also a great way to show off your favorite dishes, shiny pans and pots, even artwork.

Mix up the Materials

Although you may not have wide-open spaces in your small kitchen, you do have a lot of choices. In a bigger space, you can easily hide flaws or separate competing styles but in a small space, everything has to work, even the mix of wood and metals and other materials. Because your little kitchen may be short on architectural details, it is up to you to add the style in compelling countertop surfaces, fixtures, cabinetry, flooring, color and lighting. The best way to do this is to create a mix board with samples and swatches of everything you are considering. Note that using the same style and color of fixtures and cabinet pulls can also give your kitchen a unify look.

Color it Big

To change the atmosphere and perceived size of the kitchen, the color of walls, counters, appliances, stools and even the dishtowels matters. Light colors or pastels with good touch of white, can reflect light drawing the eyes upward and making the room seem taller. Bold colorations can also be very effective in smaller kitchens.

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