Types of Energy-Efficient Windows

Windows provide our houses with natural light, ventilation, and warmth, but they can also have negative impact on our home’s energy efficiency. Energy costs can be minimized by installing energy-efficient windows in your home. If you are having a tight budget, energy efficiency advancements to existing windows can also help.

Energy efficient windows are becoming the important way that people are saving energy in their homes. Replacing windows with energy-efficient ones can save on fuel bills and keep your home more insulated. We have different types of energy efficient windows in the market, and new technologies are being made to improve them further.

Triple Glazed Vinyl

Triple glazed vinyl windows are a superior form of window insulation. They give passive solar energy to keep the heat in during winter and help the house remain cooler during summer. Triple glazed windows give a threefold protection in that all three panes are insulated between layers, which makes them airtight and sturdy.


Awning windows are hinged at the top and are constructed to open outward. They open and shut easily with the turn of a handle and provide additional airflow to a room. The sash closes by pressing against the frame, which means awning windows have lower air leak rates than sliding windows.

Gas Filled Windows

Gas filled windows are still a bit of a mystery to some people. A relatively new concept, the window spaces are filled with either argon, xenon or krypton gas. The gas is pumped into the spaces between the panes and sealed to help in preventing condensation between the panes and keep the efficiency at the maximum.


Casement windows are hinged on both sides and have a crank operating system, which makes them easy to operate in hard to reach areas of your home. Casement windows have low air leakage rates similar to awning windows because they close by pressing the sash against the frame.

Triple Glazed Wood Framed

Wood is still the material of choice for most people when it comes to windows for a home. They are warm, inviting and offer a real distinguishing feature that other frames do not have. The triple-glazed wood frame uses the same technology that is used in vinyl windows and gas filled windows is used to create glazed wooden frames.

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